About Research

The Veterans & Families Research Hub houses a growing body of research material representing a broad cross section of themes and topics relevant to the international veteran community.  The purpose of this material is to add to the understanding of a wide variety of stakeholders in order that opinions, policies and provision of services are supported, as far as possible, by rigorous evidence.

The purpose of the Research Repository is to act as a filter for publicly-available material that contributes to the body of knowledge; as such a degree of judgement will be made as to whether material enhances or obscures understanding.  If you wish to submit content to the site please register/log in and visit the Article Submission page.  The Hub’s network of respondents will help to mitigate any dispute and its communication tools will enable exchange of views and networking on a wide variety of matters.

The material within the Hub’s Research Repository is derived through a variety of methods, primarily peer-reviewed academic research and data, but also other material considered relevant and useful, and is presented in a variety of formats.

The structure of the Hub allows for exploration of this material in a variety of ways.  The themes and sub-themes are, effectively, outcomes while the topics represent people and activities.  The current structure will grow and change over time as consideration of the subjects matures.

It is acknowledged that a lot of academic material can be hard to understand so, over time, a series of outputs that summarise key thoughts and findings – structured appropriately to the widest audience – will be added to the site.  These will include short, comprehensive summaries of key issues in accessible language, infographics and animations.  This work is in progress, and support in its production is welcomed.  To help access some of the more technical language, a Glossary of Terms has been added – this will also be amended as the Hub matures.