A Needs Assessment of Veterans in Custody, their Families & Children


This research explores the impact on family members, including children, of having a veteran family member in custody.

An executive summary of this research is available to read, as well as a leaflet for families created based on the findings.


There is very limited (and no recent) qualitative research which demonstrates the two-fold impact of veteran status alongside imprisonment on veterans as family members or their families. This needs assessment will build on the research that has already been conducted by providing a platform for the voices of veterans in custody, their families and children. We seek to establish whether the needs of veterans identified in previous studies impacts on family relationships and the needs of their partners and children and explore how those needs can be met effectively.

Full Reference

Harvey-Rolfe, L. and Rattenbury, S., 2020. A Needs Assessment of Veterans in Custody, their Families & Children. The National Centre for Children of Offenders (NICCO). Available at: <https://s31949.pcdn.co/wp-content/uploads/21129_Assesment-of-Veterans-in-Custody-and-families_Final.pdf>.