AFF Big Survey 2016 – Future of Military Housing

June, 2016

The Army Families Federation (AFF) Big Survey investigates what future housing provision families would prefer and gathers their views on the Future Accommodation Model.


The Future Accommodation Model (FAM) is currently being developed by the MOD and, if implemented, will see a fundamental change in the way Army families live their lives. As one of the most important stakeholders in FAM, it is vital that Army families are consulted at an early stage to ensure that their needs and concerns are properly understood. 8,322 people responded to the 2016 Big Survey, which is more than have responded to all the Big Surveys put together since 2010. This is a clear demonstration of just how important the issue of housing is to Army families.

Full Reference

Army Families Federation, 2016. Big Survey 2016: The Future of Military Housing - Full Brief.

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