AFF 2015 Move In Survey

September, 2015

The 2015 Army Families Federation (AFF) Move In Survey, which investigates the issues faced by Army families when moving into Service Families Accommodation (SFA).


In response to families contacting us about the quality of their move-in, AFF conducted an online survey during September 2015. 640 people completed the survey which was advertised through social media and the AFF website. Of these, 470 had undertaken move-ins under the new CarillionAmey (CA) contract. AFF has engaged with Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and CA and shown them the results of the survey. CA have acknowledged that the move-in process is not currently to standard, and are working on an action plan.

Full Reference

Army Families Federation, 2015 [Online]. "Move In Survey". Available at: [Accessed: 12.09.17].

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