An International Comparison of Health, Social Care and Welfare Legislation and its Effects on Older British Nationals’ Mobility within the European Union: Final Report Prepared for Age Concern England and The Royal British Legion


This report documents the findings of research exploring the rights of older British migrants in relation to the rights of nationals in these four Member States: Cyprus, France, Germany and Portugal. This includes analysis of statutory health, social care and welfare provision.


What we sought to do in this project is define and compare the statutory health, welfare and social care benefits and services that are available for older British nationals in five Member States - the UK, Portugal, France, Germany and Cyprus. In order to ground that information in the lived reality of people's lives, and to avoid "losing sight of the forest because of the trees" (Van den Bosch and Cantillon, 2006: 305), we decided to follow a method developed by Bradshaw and Finch (2002) in their comparative analysis of child benefit packages across 22 countries.