Armed Forces Charities’ Financial Support

January, 2021

The purpose of this report is to hold an objective mirror to the armed forces charity sector
and – for the first time – to provide an overview of the financial support available to the
armed forces community. The report is aimed at those involved with, or interested in, the
armed forces charity sector, such as charity workers, policymakers, the media and the public.


As in the civilian population, financial wellbeing is an important aspect of the lives of those in the armed forces community. Financial stressors, which can occur both during and after service, have wide-reaching implications for many other parts of individuals’ and families’ lives. Accordingly, the armed forces charity sector provides varied financial support – activities that help beneficiaries meet an immediate financial need, relieve financial hardship or meet a long-term financial goal – such as providing advice and information, making grants and funding other organisations.

Full Reference

Directory of Social Change, 2021. Focus On: Armed Forces Charities' Financial Support. Report prepared for the Forces in Mind Trust.

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