Books and bikes. Noises and voices of veterans


This book chapter offers a comparison between narratives from two distinct groups of Dutch veterans: bikers and soldier-authors. There is an extract from this book chapter available for download from the links provided.


There are lots of differences in the way veterans share their stories. Some veterans keep quiet and seldom talk about past experiences from conflict zones. Others are hard to stop when they have commenced their ‘battle’ stories and relentlessly repeat them to the same group of people, family, friends or colleagues. These are the stories in the genre ‘Grandpa is revisiting Balikpapan in Indonesia again’. The stories also differ regarding the audience the narrators are addressing. While some only seek the intimate audience of friends and family, others broadcast their life events to larger audiences, producing egodocuments and near literature, or they address political issues trying to reach goals ameliorating veterans’ rights and claims.

Full Reference

Kleinreesink, E. and Moelker, R., 2012. Books and Bikes. Noises and Voices of Veterans. In: Mission Uruzgan. Ed: R. Beeres. Amsterdam: Mission Uruzgan. Available at: http://works.bepress.com/esmeralda_kleinreesink/1/.