CIMVHR Annual Report 2018/2019

November, 2019

This report gives an overview of the work of the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research.


Since 2010, CIMVHR has been working to serve those who serve us by advancing research focused on the needs of Canadian military members, Veterans and their families. From the very beginning, CIMVHR has worked collaboratively with stakeholders to positively impact research, policies, programs and services that address the health needs of these unique populations. CIMVHR is recognized as a valued and credible authority on military, Veteran and family health research. In 2018, CIMVHR was used as a model for the development of the Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment, a like-minded research institute that extends to public safety personnel. In this way, the work that we have done to build CIMVHR is now benefiting other cohorts by being an example of how to build a successful collaborative network.

Full Reference

CIMVHR, 2019. Annual Report 2018/2019. Available at: <>.

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