Compensating for permanent losses: Totally and Permanently Incapacitated


Since it was first introduced in 2006, the New Veterans Charter (NVC) disability and financial benefits have been under great scrutiny. In response to concerns about the adequacy of these benefits, enhancements to the NVC were enacted on October 3, 2011. These enhancements provided additional monthly support to seriously ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces personnel and Veterans. As the number of Veterans deemed totally and permanently incapacitated (TPI) continues to grow there has been interest in examining how VAC compensates CAF personnel and Veterans for their losses. This study examined trends in NVC expenditures and Veterans deemed TPI; the service and demographic characteristics as well as health, labour force participation, and incomes of TPI Veterans; and alternative approaches to compensating for permanent losses used by workers compensation in Canada as well as Veterans Affairs administrations in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Full Reference

MacLean, M. B. and Pound, T., 2014. Compensating for permanent losses: Totally and Permanently Incapacitated. Veterans Affairs Canada, Research Directorate Technical Report.