Continue to Work: The Transition Mapping Study 2017 – Evaluation Report

December, 2017

This report evaluates the 2017 transition study, which itself was a study that built on the outcomes of the 2013 Transition Mapping Study.


In 2013, the Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT) published and launched the 2013 Transition Mapping Study (2013 TMS). The study was commissioned to develop understanding of the transition process for Service personnel returning to civilian life. In August 2017, FiMT published an update to their 2013 TMS report. The update report, entitled Continue to Work: The Transition Mapping Study 2017 (2017 TMS) had 3 primary objectives: • To provide an understanding of how the impact of poor transition has changed in terms of cost and social impact. • To provide a deeper understanding of issues related to skills transfer and the translation of these into post-transition employment. • To provide a series of recommendations for supporting successful transition. Arkenford were commissioned to provide an independent evaluation of both the 2013 TMS report and the latest 2017 TMS report. The findings of the evaluation of the 2013 TMS have been published by FiMT and are available online. This report presents the results of our evaluation of the 2017 TMS report and was conducted between September and December 2017.

Full Reference

Kantar Futures, 2017. Continue to Work: The Transition Mapping Study 2017. Evaluation Report. Available at: <>.

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