Deployment Experiences of British Army Wives Before, During and After Deployment: Satisfaction with Military Life and Use of Support Networks

June, 2006

This report details research into the effect of deployment on Service wives.


During deployments, Service wives have to adapt to being alone and taking sole responsibility for their families and house-holds whilst dealing with the additional stress about whether their loved ones will return. ‘Stress buffering’ effects of support networks, whether within or outside the military community, are important factors in the general well being of military wives during deployments. This paper presents results on support networks British Army wives used during the deployment of their spouses to Iraq in 2004/5. Results are also presented (from a parallel study) of the opinion’s of the deployed servicemen on the well-being of their wives and families.

Full Reference

Dandeker C, Eversden C, Birtles C, Wessely S. The British military family: The experiences of British Army wives before, during, and after deployment, their satisfaction with military life, and their use of support networks2015. 107-27 p.

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