Do Alcohol Misuse, Service Utilisation, and Demographic Characteristics Differ between UK Veterans and Members of the General Public Attending an NHS General Hospital?

November, 2016

This paper aims to provide insight into alcohol misuse in UK veterans and whether their presentations differ for the general public.


Evidence was found to suggest that veterans were more likely to be referred for support with alcohol difficulties at an older age and to be admitted to hospital for longer periods of time. This could have considerable cost implications for the NHS. It was more common for veterans to present at hospital with physical health difficulties prior to being referred for support for alcohol.

Full Reference

Murphy D, Palmer E, Westwood G, Busuttil W, Greenberg N. Do alcohol misuse, service utilisation, and demographic characteristics differ between UK veterans and members of the general public attending an NHS general hospital? Journal of Clinical Medicine 2016; 5(95):doi:10.3390/jcm5110095.

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