Do Stereotypes of Veterans Affect Chances of Employment?


This article discusses a study exploring how hiring managers perceive military veterans and how these perceptions affect perceived job fit.


The purpose of this study is to determine how hiring managers perceive applicants who have U.S. military job experience (i.e., military veterans) and how these perceptions affect ratings of perceived job fit. The study was conducted using an experimental design in which participants reviewed a job description and rated a series of resumes on perceived job fit. The results of the study provide evidence that U.S. military veterans may be stereotyped based on their group membership, and these stereotypes may influence ratings of perceived job fit. This study provides implications for hiring managers by demonstrating potential biases when reviewing resumes of applicants who have military experience. In addition, this study provides evidence of potential barriers to employment that may be a contributing factor in high veteran unemployment rates.

Full Reference

Stone, C. B., Lengnick-Hall, M., & Muldoon, J., 2018. Do stereotypes of veterans affect chances of employment? The Psychologist-Manager Journal, 21(1), 1-33.