Evaluation of The Positive Futures Programme 2016-2018

September, 2018

This report is an evaluation of the Positive Futures Programme, which is a programme of development for veterans centred around wilderness experiences to build community-based life and social skills. The evaluation discusses the impact of the programme for veterans who have been involved with the CJS and those who have not, as well as impacts for early service leavers and longer serving veterans.


Positive Futures was developed to engage with working-age veterans who are struggling with transition from military to civilian life. Venture Trust is a national (Scotland) voluntary organisation delivering intensive wilderness experiences and community based life and social skills development programmes. It runs a variety of programmes to help people from different walks of life in need of personal development. Venture Trust became aware that its Living Wild programme which works with people in Scotland’s community justice system was reaching some ex-servicemen and women. The Positive Futures programme was created to replicate some of the methods of the Living Wild programme specifically for veterans who, for a variety of reasons, had not successfully adapted to civilian life. The Positive Futures Model is a combination of cognitive behavioural approaches, experiential learning, skilled facilitation, relationship building, coaching, mentoring and aftercare. It is delivered through a 3 Phased Programme. Positive Futures creates a therapeutic environment where those participants with mental health issues (frequently part of a complex presenting set) can identify behaviour triggers and develop, and practice, coping strategies as a foundation for making and sustaining positive life changes.

Full Reference

Lloyd, J. A., 2018. Evaluation of The Positive Futures Programme 2016-2018. For veterans struggling with civilian life. Gap Communications and Venture Trust.

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