Fact sheet ‘The home front during the deployment cycle’ in the Netherlands


Participation in a peacekeeping mission affects not only the serviceman but also his relatives and family members. The home front also feels the effects of the deployment. This fact sheet provides general information on the key topics the home front could face when a serviceman is deployed.


A serviceman on deployment can specify the main person he regards as representing the home front whilst on deployment. This will often be the partner or spouse, but could also be one of the parents, a brother or sister or a good friend. In this fact sheet we deal with male service personnel with female partners or wives on the home front, whether or not with children living at home whom they both look after. Other home front representatives should translate the information they read in this fact sheet to their specific situations. The serviceman and the home front partner have to deal not only with the deployment itself, but also the period before and after it. The serviceman and, therefore, his home front partner, too, dwell on the deployment and everything it entails for a fairly long time.

Full Reference

Veteraneninstituut, 2014. The home front during the deployment cycle. Fact Sheet.