Fact sheet ‘Veterans on appreciation and policy’


This fact sheet explores the Dutch policy on public appreciation for veterans and the reporting on veterans in the media.


With the Dutch veterans’ policy the Ministry of Defence seeks, among other things, to increase public appreciation for veterans. Based on the public opinion figures on veterans (see the Public Opinion on Veterans fact sheet) and reporting on veterans in the media (see Veterans and the Media fact sheet) it could be argued that the policy has succeeded on this point. However, the situation as regards veterans’ sense of appreciation and what their feelings are about the veterans’ policy is not yet clear. Research In 2010, Ms J. Motshagen of Utrecht University conducted a study into the appreciation felt by veterans and their views on the veterans’ policy to complete her ‘Issues of policy and organisation’ programme. A representative sample of 1,244 veterans was drawn from the Veterans’ Registration System. 441 veterans (35%) then returned a fully completed questionnaire. In 2013, the Veterans Institute repeated that study in a slightly different form. Since the majority (84%) of the respondents from 2010 had a veterans’ card, it was decided in 2013 to limit the study to veterans’ card holders. This group forms nearly 70% of all retired veterans and is the pre-eminent user of services and facilities generated by the veterans’ policy. The sample comprised 825 veterans, half of whom responded.

Full Reference

Veteraneninstituut, 2014. Veterans on appreciation and policy. Fact Sheet.