Factsheet ‘Looking back on deployment experiences’ in Dutch Veterans


This factsheet outlines the results of a study to explore the meaning that veterans attach to their military deployment experiences.


In collaboration with Utrecht University, the Veterans’ Institute has conducted a large-scale study regarding personal growth, resilience and finding meaning following participation in a military mission. The meaning veterans attach to their military deployment experiences was examined from a psychological perspective. The study involved a large-scale questionnaire survey, supplemented with in-depth interviews conducted in the period between 2004 and 2009. 1,561 veterans took part in the study, producing 1,508 usable completed questionnaires. Half of the group of participants belong to the older generation of veterans of deployments to the Dutch East Indies (1945-1949), Korea (19501954) and New Guinea (1950-1962). The other half is made up of the younger generation of veterans, who were deployed as service personnel in Cambodia (1992-1993) and the former Yugoslavia (19922004).

Full Reference

Veteraneninstituut, 2014. Looking back on deployment experiences. Fact Sheet.