Factsheet ‘Veterans’ Card Holders’ in the Netherlands


The Dutch government recognises the special achievements of its veterans by, among other things, granting them a veterans’ card. The former Stichting Dienstverlening Veteranen [Veterans’ Services Foundation], one of the forerunners of the Veterans’ Institute, issued the first veterans’ cards in August 1993. Veterans can apply for the pass themselves. The automatic issuing of the veterans’ card to service personnel with deployment experience who have left the service began in 2006.


More than 66,000 Dutch veterans have a veterans’ card. The pass comes with a number of material benefits. For example, veterans’ card holders receive the veterans’ magazine Checkpoint ten times a year. The free travel passes issued for travel to veterans’ events, such as reunions, remembrance ceremonies or veterans’ days, are another benefit. Veterans also receive the Handboek Veteraan [Veterans’ Handbook] alongside the pass and - since 2003 - the Veterans’ Commemorative Badge. Finally, an increasing number of discount schemes are being linked to the veterans’ card.

Full Reference

Veteraneninstituut, 2014. Veterans' Card Holders. Fact Sheet.