Far-forward surgery in the modern battlespace


This research explores surgical techniques used in the modern battlespace, in particular with regards to damage-control surgery and resuscitation. It furthermore investigates solutions to improve these surgical procedures. This research hopes to stimulate further discussion and collaboration, which will lead to continuous improvement in the delivery of surgical care.


The nature of the current and future battlespace will require adaptive solutions to provide troops with timely damage-control surgery and resuscitation. A light surgical module, the Mobile Surgical Resuscitation Team (MSRT), was developed to meet this need for Canadian Special Operations Forces. The team is composed of six Canadian Health Services Group clinicians specialized in the delivery of trauma care in remote environments. In addition to care delivery, the MSRT can provide simulation training to allied nations and presents an ideal platform for the introduction of emerging science and technology to the field environment.

Full Reference

Far-forward surgery in the modern battlespace. Max Talbot, Colleen Forestier and Iain Beck. Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health 2015 1:2, 71-76.