Forces in Mind Trust 2019 Impact Report

July, 2020

This report details the impact of FiMT-funded research and projects for the benefit of the Armed Forces community, including case studies to demonstrate impact.


Looking back at our achievements in 2019 whilst navigating the Covid-19 crisis of 2020 seems surreal. It is important though that we record the ever-increasing impact our activities have had on those we were established to support, and as we scan the turbulent waters beyond the current storm, we can still reflect with some satisfaction on 2019. Effecting positive change in the realms of policy and practice is never a quick endeavour, especially when it is underpinned by rigorous evidence-based research. However, after many years of determined work, we are seeing the fruits of our collective labour more than ever. Our research continues to be highly impactful, benefiting the lives of ex-Service personnel and their families

Full Reference

Forces in Mind Trust, 2020. 2019 Impact Report. Available at: <>.

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