Going Forward: Implications for Post-Combat Military Leadership


As programs, services and supports continue to roll out to meet the emerging needs of this post-combat military, all will be ineffective without an organizational culture and leadership that is adaptable, supportive and caring. Combat veterans need to feel connected to either people or places because they have had a breakdown in their familiar community living, a general shattering of their small combat cohort as a result of their combat experiences, leaving them to feel like strangers in their own community. For this reason, the main task for leaders is to create a sense of community within their squad, platoon or company—a place where the service member feels supported, understood and once again needed.

Full Reference

Hassan, A. M., Castro, C. A. and Jackson, R. J., 2014. Going Forward: Implications for Post-Combat Military Leadership. USC Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans & Military Families.