Intimate Partner Violence and Military Women


This article provides data from the first survey that has ever compared military and civilian rates of intimate partner violence (IPV), sexual violence, and stalking. It also addresses the context in which the violence is embedded, the impact on risk and danger, the consequences of a trauma history, and a trauma-informed approach for screening, assessment, and intervention.


Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a significant issue that affects all women, including those who serve in the military. The myriad of issues faced by active-duty women who experience IPV is very similar to those of women who have never been in the military. However, active-duty women have an additional layer of challenges and concerns related to the military culture and the military's response to IPV. Many women in the military have experienced individual trauma, including IPV, at some point in their lives, be it before, during, and/or after leaving the military.

Full Reference

Glenna Tinney, 2014, Psychiatric Annals, Intimate Partner Violence and Military Women, 44, 4, 158-188