Lifting Our Sights

August, 2020

This report gives a perspective on the potential impact of future trends on the transition of our Armed Forces community from military to civilian life.


The aim of the research is to better understand future social, technical, economic, environmental, political, legal, and ethical trends, in order to ensure that transitioning Service personnel and their families have the best possible opportunity to make a successful and sustainable shift to civilian life. It is clear that economic, social, and political shifts are causing the nature of military service and consequently the demographics of the Armed Forces Community to change. At the same time, the role that the Armed Forces play, their purpose and their presence in the national consciousness, is also changing. This impacts the way in which ex-Service personnel are perceived by the general public. Although it is well recognised that ex-Service personnel’s experiences of their transition from military to civilian roles vary greatly, much is dependent on the individual’s attitude to this transition, alongside the extent of support available to them as they re-enter civilian life. To be truly effective, those organisations which provide support must respond to a dynamic environment.

Full Reference

Future Agenda, 2020. Lifting Our Sights. Available at: <>.

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