Military history: The experiences of people who become homeless after leaving military service


This research considers the factors that might increase the likelihood of ex-Service personnel becoming homeless. The report explores the following key questions:

  • Are there factors in people’s past that may contribute to the decision to join the armed forces or to the experiences of homelessness that some have after leaving?
  • What are people’s aspirations and motives when they join the armed forces, what is the quality of their life when they are in service, and what is it like when they leave?
  • What helps them through the process of leaving, and what makes things more
  • What do the Ministry of Defence, homeless agencies, and other service providers need to do to meet their needs – emotional and social as well as practical?

Full Reference

Lemos, G. and Durkacz, S., 2005. Military History: the experiences of people who become homeless after military service. London: Lemos and Crane.