Military Human: Understanding Military Culture and Transition CPD – course data evaluation 2021


The Military Human: Understanding Military Culture and Transition certificated CPD was originally created in response to a request by NHS HEY&H to provide CPD training for staff across the Y&H footprint. This was due to the large military presence across the Y&H region. The comment that was commonly reported by staff was that they often heard ‘civvies don’t understand’ from patients/clients/service users so requested a person-centred approach to understanding the military journey and lifestyle. By providing three unique bespoke versions of the Military Human CPD (face to face, webinar, online digital learning platform) whilst maintaining and ensuring the high-quality educational experience, it is felt that staff flexibility, availability, and time constraints during a very challenging time, can be successfully addressed and facilitated. Importantly, the CPD training provides key elements in line with the recent review of the Armed Forces Bill, NHS Healthcare for the Armed Forces community: a forward view and Veterans Aware Trusts and GP Veteran friendly practices.


Future transition planning prior to discharge should include adjustment awareness raising and become part of all service leavers and their families’ transition preparation. This may address the concerns many may have prior to leaving the Armed Forces and potentially ‘normalise’ some of the adjustment experience and reduce anxiety for others. Historically, the Military Human CPD training has been delivered using a faceto-face training room format with over 3000 staff receiving the CPD in this way. The face-to-face format required staff to allocate one day to attend training and factor in travel to a suitable location identified by commissioning teams. However, in response to the rapidly changing educational and CPD training environment due to the COVID pandemic, the Military Human CPD was migrated over to a webinar format utilising the MS Teams platform. This format uses 2 x 2-hour webinars that can be delivered over 2 separate days and at different times (AM or PM) or can be delivered within the same day (AM & PM) but not requiring staff to travel and reducing the time required to allocate to CPD training. This change brought its own challenges but following initial concerns regarding a new delivery format and quality of staff training experience, delivery sessions of the Military Human CPD significantly increased demonstrating that staff appear to prefer the flexibility of using a webinar platform. This has worked successfully across the NHS, HMPPS, Councils and other community service provider groups.

Full Reference

Wood, N., 2022. Military Human: Understanding Military Culture and Transition CPD. York St John University. Available at: https://www.yorksj.ac.uk/media/content-assets/professional/documents/NHS-staff-feedback-YSJU-Military-Human-CPD-course-data-evaluation-2021-(1).pdf