Military Veterans’ Midlife Career Transition and Life Satisfaction


This article explores the life satisfaction and career transition variables for US veterans who transitioned into teaching careers following their military career. Statistical analysis, conducted for the research here explored, indicates a relationship between confidence, control and life satisfaction, in which confidence and control variables demonstrate a slight yet statistically significant positive correlation with life satisfaction, for veterans transitioning, or who have recently transitioned, to teaching positions.


Many military veterans face the challenging transition to civilian employment. Military veteran members of a national program, Troops to Teachers, were surveyed regarding life satisfaction and related internal/external career transition variables. Participants included military veterans who were currently or had previously transitioned to K–12 teaching positions. Two variables, confidence and control, demonstrated a slight yet statistically significant positive correlation with life satisfaction. Recommendations for practice and future research are included in this second report on the findings of a dissertation.

Full Reference

Robertson, H. C. and Brott, P. E., 2014. Military veterans' midlife career transition and life satisfaction. The Professional Counselor, 4(2), pp. 139-149.