Naval Service Pay – NFF Report 2018


This report details results of a survey on pay, which sought to explore the financial situation of Naval families.


In preparation for its annual presentation of evidence to the Armed Forces Pay Review Body (AFPRB) for 2018, the NFF carried out a short online survey on pay. The survey was open for 4 weeks between early September and early October 2018. The survey was identical to that carried out in 2017, to allow comparison of the results. This year the response rate was lower than last year, with only 178 responses compared to 440 responses in 2017. The following factors may be relevant to the decline in response rate: 1) The survey was carried out directly after the NFF’s major 2018 survey, which had a large response rate. 2) Armed Forces personnel received their long-overdue pay rise in September. Potential respondents may have felt that completing the survey would be nugatory effort so close to the pay award. 3) There is a perception that providing feedback on pay will not result in any further action or change (this was specifically mentioned by respondents in the free text sections).

Full Reference

Naval Families Federation, 2018. Armed Forces Pay Review Body 2018. Final report.