Netherlands Veterans’ Core Data 2015


This survey hopes to gain a clearer understanding of the wishes, needs and experiences of veterans as regards three topics. Those topics are veterans’ policy, the services provided by the Veterans’ Institute and the usefulness of experience working as a serviceman or service woman and deployment experience as far as finding and doing a job after military service is concerned.


In general, this survey shows that veterans are satisfied with the veterans’ policy and the services provided. They are most positive about the remembrance of fallen service personnel and the Netherlands Veterans’ Day. Veterans are least positive about the veterans’ day held by their own branch of the armed forces. Veterans attach the greatest importance to after-care for veterans, the remembrance of fallen military personnel and appreciation for veterans, and the least importance to the veterans’ day in their own region or municipality.

Full Reference

Dirksen, M., 2015. Veterans' Core Data for 2015. Veteraneninstituut survey report.