North East Lincolnshire Local Authority – Armed Forces Covenant Project


This report details work and projects carried out in North East Lincolnshire to fulfill commitment to the Covenant, including the Military Human CPD Training, run by York St John University in partnership with the Sub-Regional Armed Forces Covenant Fund.
One of the aims was to obtain feedback on the pledges that were made following the training and to reflect on the differences those pledges have had to the delivery of professional services to veterans and
their families in the community. The survey results reflect on how the learning was implemented and how to continue the journey in ensuring the Armed Forces Covenant is delivered in the most appropriate way to those who need it most.


This report has been produced in collaboration between North East Lincolnshire Council and York St John University. The Armed Forces Major Events Team (North East Lincolnshire) supports the Armed Forces Community Covenant across the region in support of service personnel, their families, veterans and outreach services. Across North East Lincolnshire many organisations including the Council, NHS and Job Centre have pledged to support those who need it by being one of the first Authorities in the Country to sign our own Armed Forces Community Covenant. The Military Human training has been a key part of helping to widen that awareness about the support available and the help needed by members of the armed forces community. It has helped people think about the support that they are able to offer within their professional, and personal, roles as well as widening the awareness about the support available locally, and nationally.

Full Reference

Wood, N., 2021. North East Lincolnshire Local Authority - Armed Forces Covenant Project. Available at: https://www.vfrhub.comwp-content/uploads/2021/09/Master-North-East-Lincs-Armed-Forces-Qualtrics-survey-with-Feedback-1.pdf.