Post-9/11 Veteran Transitions to Civilian Life: Predictors of the Use of Employment Programs

November, 2019

This study focused on post 9/11 veterans. It aimed to find out whether the numerous employment training programs available are beneficial to this particular cohort. The study found that there were a number of variables that influenced the use of employment programs in post 9/11 veterans. The study concludes by recommending accessibility and targeted engagement strategies to increase the use of employment programmes.


Post-9/11 veterans indicate that obtaining employment is both a priority and a challenge. Numerous federal, state, community, foundation-funded and corporate programs have been created to assist veterans; however, there is little empirical evidence to know what programming is effective and for whom. This study examined predictors of employment program use among new post-9/11 veterans. Male veterans were less likely to utilize online job databases and resume writing assistance than female veterans. Veterans from the junior enlisted paygrades (E1 to E4) were less likely to use online job databases, career fairs, resume writing assistance, job placement, career counseling, and training or certification programs than more senior enlisted paygrades or officers. Veterans from racial or ethnic minority groups (e.g., Black non-Hispanic, Asian) were more likely to utilize a variety of employment programs than their White non-Hispanic peers. Veterans who were exposed to warfare and those with a current physical health condition were more likely to use employment programs. Moreover, veterans with an ongoing mental health problem were no more likely to use any employment programs than veterans without such problems. To increase the use of employment programs, accessibility and targeted engagement strategies should be developed for veterans of different backgrounds and circumstances. Future directions for the longitudinal analysis of veteran’s utilization of employment programs and their effectiveness in obtaining employment are discussed.

Full Reference

Aronson, K.R., Perkins, D.F., Morgan, N.R., Bleser, J.A., Vogt, D., Copeland, L., Finley, E. and Gilman, C., 2019. Post-9/11 Veteran Transitions to Civilian Life: Predictors of the Use of Employment Programs. Journal of Veterans Studies, 5(1), pp.14–22. DOI:

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