Psychiatric Rehabilitation for Veterans and the Evolution of the Field

September, 2019

This introduction to a special veteran-focused edition of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal outlines the current provision and thinking around the psychiatric rehabilitation of veterans.


This special issue on psychiatric rehabilitation for veterans celebrates the Department of Veterans Affairs’ commitment to innovation in psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery through service delivery and research. The scope of the articles also raises issues about the evolution of the field and how one defines psychiatric rehabilitation. Special issues such as this provide the opportunity to push at the boundaries and encourage the field to continue to advance how psychiatric rehabilitation efforts are defined, measured, evaluated, and put into practice across the care continuum.

Full Reference

Resnick, S. G., & Goldberg, R. W., 2019. Psychiatric rehabilitation for veterans and the evolution of the field. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 42(3), pp. 207–209. doi:

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