Rapid Review of the Literature Since the 2006 New Veterans Charter


The aim of the 2006 New Veterans Charter (NVC) was to improve the well-being of Veterans and modernize compensation. The purpose of this paper is to review the evidence since the launch of the NVC to aid in the development of a strategic direction for the continued development of an evidence-based approach to policy and practice related to the NVC. This paper first examines the origins, design and intent of the NVC and the current status. This paper was based on a rapid review of reports and literature related to the NVC. Evaluations, Auditor General of Canada reports, expert opinions, and the experience of other countries were reviewed for recommendations related to key aspects of the NVC design. Findings from several literature reviews on best practices and reports from two cycles of the Life After Service Studies (LASS) were examined to identify challenges and implications for Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) in the areas of reestablishment/transition supports, compensation and families. A list of the research used in developing the NVC (Annex A) and a more complete list of LASS studies, both peer reviewed and government publications (Annex B and C), were provided. Research on progress and gaps in research were also discussed.

Full Reference

MacLean, M. and Lockhart, W. Rapid Review of the Literature Since the 2006 New Veterans Charter. Research Directorate, Veterans Affairs Canada, Charlottetown.