Returning Veterans’ Adjustment Concerns: Family Views


This article examines the perspectives of parents, siblings and partners regarding the adjustment issues of combat veterans.


This study used two focus groups to examine the views of parents, siblings, and a partner regarding the adjustment issues of combat veterans. Using qualitative and mixed methodologies, a number of themes were identified under the 3 categories of Changes in Veterans, Family Interactions, and Military Complaints. The sub-theme of Family Cohesiveness occurred most often (52%), followed by Positive Feelings and Attitudes (44 %), Anger and Aggression (40%), Distancing and Isolation (37%), and Safety/Protection and Unmet Needs (both at 34%). The mixed-methods analyses identified the themes present across all participants and the themes most relevant to individual participants. Counseling implications and suggestions for future research are offered.

Full Reference

Graf, N. M., Miller, E., Feist, A. and Freeman, S., 2011. Returning Veterans' Adjustment Concerns: Family Views. Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling, 42(2), pp. 13-23.