Self-Stigma and Veteran Culture


This articles explores the effects and impact of veterans self-stigmatising. In particular, the article argues that nurses caring in community settings need to be aware of the potential implications of veterans who hold stereotyped, and potentially damaging, beliefs about themselves.


Self-stigma is a salient concept in mental health care. Consequences of self-stigma include increased morbidity and decreased engagement with the health care system. Cultural factors may affect self-stigma and its consequences. This article utilizes the Giger and Davidhizar transcultural assessment model to explore veteran culture and self-stigma. Veterans have their own cultural values that can affect nursing care. Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom veterans are seeking care in community settings more often than within the VA system; therefore, all nurses should be aware of the cultural needs of veterans including the impact of self-stigma.

Full Reference

Harding, S., 2017. Self-Stigma and Veteran Culture. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 28(5), pp. 438-444.