Snapshot Criminal Justice System


This Snapshot summarises themes and issues relating to the Criminal Justice System among UK serving personnel and veterans, including single people and families. The Snapshot sets out current structures of support and policy responses, presenting research evidence where available.

This Snapshot was updated in December 2020.


Snapshots are designed to aid understanding of the complex issues at play in relation to the Armed Forces, and to support decision-making processes by bridging the gaps between academic research, government and charitable policy, service provision and public opinion. Snapshots are aimed primarily at those working in policy-making and service provision roles for the Armed Forces, and are also useful to those seeking facts, figures and informed comment to empower a more objective discussion among the wider population, including the Armed Forces community and the media. The purpose of a Snapshot is to review and interpret research and policy and to set out concise, plain language summaries to facilitate understanding and perception.

Full Reference

Forces in Mind Trust Research Centre, 2020. Snapshot Criminal Justice System.