Strengthening and Empowering Delivery of the Covenant


This report is an evaluation of the ‘Strengthening Delivery of the Armed Forces Covenant Programme’. The report goes into detail about the Programme, the evaluation findings and recommendations that came out of the findings.


The Covenant Fund team, operating originally as part of the Ministry of Defence (MOD), set up the Strengthening Delivery Programme (SDP) in 2016 to provide a series of grants to Local Authorities (LAs). These were provided through an open application process, enabling LAs to deliver projects aimed at addressing identified needs in improving local implementation of the Armed Forces Covenant. The Covenant Fund team later transitioned to become the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust (AFCFT; hereafter also termed ‘the Trust’). This report is aimed at all who may have an interest in this programme, but may be of particular interest to Local Authority (LA) employees that have been tasked with implementing the Armed Forces Covenant or that have an interest in this area. The report first highlights areas of good practice that LA employees can draw upon, before turning to recommendations intended to help LAs improve the provision of services to serving members of the Armed Forces, their families, and veterans in their areas. Recommendations also include areas in which the AFCFT might be able to better support and empower its grant-holders.

Full Reference

Grand-Clement, S., Dascalu, D., Lucas, R., Caves, B. and Hughes, M., 2021. Strengthening and Empowering Delivery of the Covenant. Report produced for RAND Europe. Available at: https://covenantfund.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/RAND-Europe_SDP-Evaluation-Report.pdf.