The children and families of combat-injured Service members

November, 2011

This book chapter features in the book ‘Combat and Operational Behavioral Health’, which is a resource for all healthcare professionals as they strive to provide the finest quality and most compassionate care of the men and women in uniform and their spouses, significant others, and children. Every person who is in contact with a military member struggling to cope with the emotional trauma of war, disease, or injury needs our support and best efforts.


By examining the potential causes of combat stress and emotional trauma, the various approaches to diagnosis and treatment, the roles of providers (and their own resiliency), and the many programs available to help, this volume seeks to reduce the difficulties faced by veterans as they reenter civilian life.

Full Reference

Cozza S, Chun RS and Miller C. The children and families of combat-injured Service members. 2011 in Combat and Operational Behavioral Health (Textbooks of Military Medicine).

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