The mental health and treatment needs of UK ex-military personnel

October, 2020

This report explores aspects of Service life that may have a negative impact on the mental health of members of the Armed Forces.


While most military personnel cope well with the challenges of serving in the Armed Forces and successfully adapt to civilian life after they leave, for some, certain experiences which may be specifically related to service can have a negative impact on their mental health. Ensuring that veterans are no worse off than non-veterans, and that there are effective services available to them, is not only a UK government priority but also a social and legal obligation enshrined in the Armed Forces Covenant. The purpose of this research project has been to understand the mental health needs of UK veterans who served during recent military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the suitability of existing services for common mental health problems, to determine whether or not veterans could be at a disadvantage because of their military service. Two studies have been carried out to achieve this goal.

Full Reference

Rhead, R., Fear, N. T., Greenberg, N., MacManus, D., 2020. The mental health and treatment needs of UK ex-military personnel. A joint study for King's College London and University of Liverpool.

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