The Prevalence of Mental Health Disorders in (ex-) Military Personnel with a Physical Impairment: A Systematic Review

September, 2014

This paper examines whether there is an increase in mental health disorders among veterans who have physical impairments.



Having a visual, hearing or physical impairment (defined as problems in body function or structure) may adversely influence the mental well-being of military personnel. This paper reviews the existing literature regarding the prevalence of mental health problems among (ex-)military personnel who have a permanent, predominantly, physical impairment.

Full Reference

Stevelink, S. A. M., Malcolm, E. M., Mason, C., Jenkins, S., Sundin, J., Fear, N. T. The prevalence of mental health disorders in (ex-)military personnel with a physical impairment: a systematic review (2014). Occup Environ Med doi:10.1136oemed- 2014-102207

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