The RAF Family – experiences from around the world. Survey Highlights Report.

January, 2020

The RAF Families Federation provides all RAF personnel and their families – Regular and Reserve, single or married – with timely and professional support, assistance and an independent voice regarding issues or concerns that they may have.

The RAF Families Federation’s Dispersed Families Project is an initiative funded by the Chancellor using LIBOR funds, and aims to improve understanding of the lived experience of dispersed families in the Royal Air Force. This Survey Highlights Report summarises the findings from an online survey into the experiences of RAF personnel and adult family members on permanent assignments overseas.


Our online survey identified that RAF Personnel and their families are posted across a wide range of locations worldwide, in a variety of work and cultural contexts. The survey examined motivations for volunteering for overseas Service, experiences of preparing and moving overseas, a range of aspects relating to overseas living, and any challenges associated with returning to the UK (where applicable). The results represented in this report show that RAF Personnel and their families relish the travel opportunities and exposure to different cultures gained through living and working outside of the UK. However a number of challenges have also been reported which will be fully examined through ongoing work and liaison with stakeholders. The Survey Highlights Report precedes a more comprehensive report, to include all data gathered through in-depth interviews alongside survey results, and making recommendations as appropriate.

Full Reference

RAF Families Federation, 2020. The RAF Family – experiences from around the world. Survey Highlights Report. [Online] Available at:

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