The Together Programme: Supporting Caregiving Partners of veterans

June, 2019

This report details research looking at developing UK specific interventions to support partners of veterans living with complex mental health difficulties. The report assesses the acceptability of offering this support and the impact on health and well-being.


The support currently available here in the UK mainly comprises of peer based support. Whilst research indicates the positive impact peer led groups can have, the clinical severity of partners symptoms implies a need for more structured, bespoke and evidence based intervention. To this end, a bid for funding to support the development of an evidence based intervention ‘The Together Programme’ for UK veterans partners was made and kindly awarded by The Royal British Legion in 2016. Based on review findings, two US psychoeducational programmes, SAFE and Homefront Strong which have been found to be effective and well accepted within the US military population were selected as the most appropriate base to devloop a UK specific injtervention to support military partners

Full Reference

Spencer-Harper, L. and Murphy, D., 2019. The Together Programme: Supporting Caregiving Partners of veterans. Report prepared for Combat Stress.

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