Transitioning veterans to nursing careers : A model program


This articles examines the challenges encountered by student veterans studying for a baccalaureate degree nursing program. The study included the experiences of both the student veterans and the faculty staff.


Background A commitment to increase the enrollment, retention and educational success of United States veterans admitted to a baccalaureate degree nursing program was established through the support of a grant received from HRSA in collaboration with the US Departments of Defense and Veteran Affairs. Method Challenges encountered by the student veterans were identified and programs of mentorship, tutoring, equine therapy and interface with services offered by the University Office of Veteran Affairs were developed. Results Thirty-two student veterans provided positive feedback about their perceptions of academic and personal support provided during their program. Sixteen faculty and staff also described positive experiences about working with the student veteran population. Conclusion The continuous assessment of all program elements indicates that the program is meeting its intended outcomes and serves the purpose of providing the opportunity for returning veterans to choose nursing as a professional healthcare career.

Full Reference

Voelpel, P., Escallier, L., Fullerton, J., Rodriguez, I. (2018). Transitioning veterans to nursing careers: A model program, Journal of Professional Nursing, p. 273-279.