UK service personnel medical discharges: financial year 2019/20

August, 2020

This statistical information details medical discharges among UK regular Service personnel for financial year 2019/20.


This official statistic provides time trends for the last five years of medical discharges among UK regular service personnel with a focus on the most recent year of information, including demographic factors and the medical causes leading to the discharge. When a medical condition or fitness issue affects a member of the UK armed forces, their ability to perform their duties is assessed. If they are unable to perform their duties and alternative employment within the armed forces is not available, personnel can then be medically discharged. Medically discharged personnel leave the armed forces prior to the completion of their contract and may be entitled to additional payments as part of their military pension. The medical reason for the discharge is recorded and categorised. It is possible for personnel to be medically discharged for multiple reasons.

Full Reference

Ministry of Defence, 2020. Annual Medical Discharges in the UK Regular Armed Forces. Available at: <>.

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