Unpaid Carers in the Armed Forces community

September, 2021

This report begins to explore the needs of the under-researched section of the Armed Forces community, unpaid carers, and we hope it is just the opening chapter of a much needed dialogue. Further research is necessary to form a picture of these carers and the people that they care for, enabling the UK Armed Forces sector, care providers, and wider charitable and statutory services to support them more effectively. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen increased pressures placed upon unpaid carers, giving this work new urgency.


The aim of this research is to improve knowledge of the profile, needs, and experiences of members of the UK Armed Forces community who provide unpaid care; using this knowledge to inform policymakers on how their needs can be better supported. In order to achieve this we undertook a scoping study of existing literature which informed further primary research via a survey of carers within the Armed Forces community. This research used a mixed methods approach, using both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Full Reference

Royal British Legion, 2021. Unpaid Carers in the Armed Forces community. Available at:

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