Veterans of the Reserve Force: Life After Service Studies 2013


The Life After Service Studies (LASS) program of research is designed to further understand the transition from military to civilian life and ultimately improve the health of Veterans in Canada. LASS partners are Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), the Department of National Defence/Canadian Armed Forces, and Statistics Canada. LASS 2013 builds on the earlier studies from 2010 by including Veterans of the Primary Reserves in two major studies: the survey of health and well-being, and the record linkage for pre- and post-release income trends. Veterans of the Reserve Force had a spectrum of military service. This report examined the spectrum by describing five groups of Reserve Veterans released between 2003 and 2012. Some of these groups had similar characteristics, so that Reserve service can be described using two groups: Veterans with part-time Reserve service and Veterans with full-time Reserve service.

Full Reference

VanTil, L., MacLean, M. B., Poirier, A., McKinnon, K., Keough, J., Sudom, K., Dursun, S., Herron, M. and Pedlar, D., 2016 Veterans of the Reserve Force: Life After Service Studies 2013. Charlottetown (PE): Veterans Affairs Canada, Research Directorate Technical Report.