What does the term “Military Family” mean? (UK, US, Australia, Canada)


This report investigates and compares definitions of “military family” across four countries, to consider how the family as an institution is implicitly and explicitly constructed through the definitions contained within policies relating to military families and the military charity sector. Publicly available definitions of military families described in health, education, and social welfare policies and the charitable sectors of the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Canada were reviewed.

Full Reference

Gribble, R., Mahar, A., Godfrey, K., Muir, S., Albright, D., Daraganova, G., Spinks, N., Fear, N. and Cramm, H., 2018. What Does The Term "Military Family" Mean?. Military Families Working Group, CIMVHR. Available at:<https://cimvhr-cloud.ca/reports/Military-families-definitions.pdf>.