We would like to build up a collection of suggestions from the Hub’s user community on recommended books to read. Suggestions should be related in some way to themes/topics that would be relevant to those interested in the Armed Forces, veterans and their families, experiences of war or conflict etc…. Apart from this, you are free to suggest anything you like, from fiction to fact book, memoirs, academic texts, poetry, plays….

Also, don’t be shy – if you’re written a book, or a book chapter, tell us about it!

You can email us at contact@vfrhub.com or Tweet us @VFRHub with your suggestions. If you send us a suggestion it would be really helpful if you could also give us a line or two on why you are suggesting the book.

We would like to use these suggestions to establish a space on the Hub’s forum of reading resources, both for pleasure and professional use.

You could also send us book reviews – we are happy to consider book reviews as featured blog posts as well. Email us at contact@vfrhub.com with your ideas.