This November King’s College, London, will be hosting an event to “bring together a cohort of ex-military researchers to reflect upon what it is like to transverse the military-academic divide, and to explore the scholarly challenges and opportunities which stem from doing so.” More information and background context for the event is available here.

There is currently a call for papers for the event, for ideas that relate to the following topics:

  • What is the value of war experience as the basis of scholarship?
  • What do veterans’ voices add to critical commentary on war and the military that other voices might miss?
  • How does the scholarship of veterans differ methodologically?
  • How does engaging with academia affect veteran’s reflections on the military and their service?
  • What are the cultural barriers to veterans participating in the academic community?
  • What are the blind spots for veterans researching the military/defence?
  • How do veterans engage with politics and critical practice following their transition from service?