The Digital Identifier to Connect Research and Researchers.

For those working in research, ORCID offers an easy and practical solution to help identify your work and to distinguish you from other researchers. ORCID is a not-for-profit organisation which allows researchers to sign up via their website and to receive a free, unique digital identifier or ORCID iD (e.g. 0000-0001-2345-6789).

This ID helps to distinguish you from every other researcher and ensures your work is correctly attributed – this includes publications, grants, data sets, and all research inputs as well as details about your employment, education, funding and scholarly works. You always remain in control of your ORCID record and determine what information is made visible to others. This can be a convenient way to display your contributions to your field when applying for grant funding and research positions.
As more organisations across the research life-cycle integrate ORCID iDs, including publishers, finders and research repositories, you may be able to use your ORCID iD for example, when submitting a manuscript. The publisher system can automatically update your ORCID record with citation information, once the article is published. This means that ORCID can both push and pull information (which you decide to share) across research information systems minimising duplicate data entry while ensuring accuracy in attribution. Your ORCID iD will move with you as you move between institutions during the course of your career. As the ORCID iD is displayed on more and more published research, it will help to link published works with the author making it easier to maintain an accurate and complete research profile and for others to find work you have authored.

To find out more information and to receive your ORCID iD visit –