A blog post for 24 Housing by Ed Tytherleigh.

With a further push from the government and local authorities and Armed Forces charities working with one another, we believe we can reduce veterans’ homelessness to zero.

The recent news that service leavers are getting ahead on social housing waiting lists is excellent. It’s testament to improvements made to housing provision for veterans in recent years that more service leavers are now being allocated social housing and that veterans are spending less time on housing waiting lists.

The main reason for this is the guidance to the 2012 Homelessness Act, which insists all local authorities give ‘reasonable preference’ when allocating properties to all veterans of the regular Armed Forces.

While this is open to interpretation, we have found the majority of local authorities have taken this at face value and have given enhanced priority to veterans in the procedures they outline in their housing strategies.

However, there are still ex-service personnel who struggle upon leaving the military and end up homeless.

The good news is that, with a further push from the government, Local Authorities and Armed Forces charities working in collaboration with one another, we believe we have the opportunity to reduce veterans’ homelessness – all the way to zero.

This is the aim of the No Homeless Veterans campaign, which launched in September 2019 to highlight the important role that Local Authorities need to play in reducing veteran homelessness.

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